Oregon State University Electrophysiology Facility Mission

The Electrophysiology Facility offers comprehensive support for the planning, implementation, execution, analysis, and publication of electrophysiological experiments. The goal of the EF is to ensure that OSU Faculty have access to top-notch electrophysiological expertise and resources throughout the entire scientific process. The Facility hosts cutting-edge equipment including a MED64 multielectrode array for in vitro extracellular recordings, and an Axon Instruments system for whole-cell patch clamp and sharp electrode recordings of brain slices, cell cultures, and more. The Facility is focused on providing training and mentorship, building expertise within our user's laboratories. Please contact us to discuss how our resources can help advance your neuroscience research!

The instrumentation in the OSU Electrophysiology Facility was funded by grants from Oregon State University and the National Institutes of Health.