The Electrophysiology Facility hosts equipment to support a wide range of applications for the study of living nervous tissue. This equipment includes:

Multielectrode Array (MED64, Alpha MED Scientific Inc) for extracellular recordings of cultured neurons and mouse brain slices, including peristaltic pumps for drug administration and solution exchange. Applications include analysis of spiking frequency and patterns, local field potentials, and LTP induction.

Vibrating microtome (Ted Pella Microslicer 1000) for live tissue preparation

Patch clamp rig for whole-cell, membrane patch, and sharp electrode recordings: fixed-stage microscope (Olympus BX51WIF), anti-vibration table (Thor) and Faraday cage, amplifier (Axon Instruments AxoClamp 700B), and digitizer (Axon Instruments 1550) for extracellular and whole-cell intracellular recordings.